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Cold Header Punches - Six Lobes

Flat Head : TF-5 | TF-6 | TF-7 | TF-8 | TF-9 | TF-10 | TF-15 | TF-20 | TF-25 | TF-27 | TF-30 | TF-40 | TF-50

Our punches are twice more durable than those you buy from other suppliers.

Our punches are manufactured for maximum efficiency, durability and performance.


In-house professional Ti coating machines, made in Switzerland & Germany.


Punch diameter available with 12, 14, 18, 23 mm at the unvaried punch height of 25 mm.


Please specify screw sizes & materials and punch diameter when requesting for quotation.    

Contact us with your inquiries for availability and technical details. We look forward to being of service.